a disintegrating beauty


A disintegrating beauty is wabi-sabi and there is no season like autumn for seeing it.  Drawn to the bare trees and twisting limbs, I went to a local apple orchard to photograph.  The few apples still holding on have a delicate tremulousness about them.

Why is a rotting apple beautiful?

This apple made me laugh.  Literally.  It was holding on despite having the top nibbled off.  By a squirrel no doubt.  After the initial chuckle it spoke to me of perseverance in the face trauma and age.

Do you think a disintegrating beauty makes something all the more precious?  I think it does.  It has a melancholic appeal, one that reconnects us to our own temporal nature, reminding us to appreciate the fleeting quality of life.


Abstract image of an apple with the top nibbled off.
©Amy Pollard

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